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Aerial Equipment Contact: Imminent Danger

If your aerial equipment comes into contact with a power line and there is fire or other imminent danger, use the jump and shuffle technique:

  • Do not step out of the vehicle and do not touch the vehicle and the ground at the same time. Because of touch potential, you could become electricity’s path to ground and get fatally shocked if you touch both.
  • Jump clear of the vehicle, landing with your feet together.
  • Shuffle away with small steps, keeping your feet close together and on the ground at all times. Do not run or take large steps. Because of step potential, you could be fatally shocked if your legs bridge two areas of differing voltage.
  • Continue shuffling to a safe distance away. A safe distance is at least 30 feet from distribution lines or at least 100 feet from transmission lines. Shuffle by sliding your feet on the ground in a heel-to-toe motion. Do not allow any distance between your two feet, as this increases your risk of electrical shock. Remember, all safety clearances given here are minimums. Always use the maximum possible distance.