Car and Downed Power LineVehicle/Utility Pole Accidents

  • Keep yourself and others away from the vehicle. If a power line is touching the vehicle or the ground near it, anyone who touches the vehicle while on the ground could be shocked.
  • Instruct the driver to drive away from the power line if this can be done safely. Have them drive at least 30 feet away from a distribution line or 100 feet from a transmission line before exiting the vehicle.
  • If the vehicle cannot be moved and there is no immediate danger, have occupants stay inside the vehicle. They will be safest from electric shock inside the vehicle.
    • If there is imminent danger (such as a fire) and occupants must exit the vehicle, instruct them on using the jump-and-shuffle technique. Explain and demonstrate these steps from a safe distance:
    • Do not step out of the vehicle, and do not touch the vehicle and the ground at the same time.
    • Jump clear of the vehicle, landing with feet together.
    • Shuffle away with small steps, keeping feet close together and on the ground.
    • Continue shuffling to a safe distance away. A safe distance is at least 30 feet from distribution lines or at least 100 feet from transmission lines. Remember, all safety clearances given here are minimums. Always use the maximum possible distance.


Downed Power Lines Substation Fires